Make any wall interactive with
an Arcade Arena Game Wall!

  • 3 Unique games
  • 1 or multi-wall options available
  • All multiplayer games
  • Fits on any wall!
  • Great for lobbies or other spaces to make interactive
  • Contact us for more details!

3 Unique Games

Asteroid Blaster

Travel through space and collect as many gems as possible! Work as a team or solo to break apart the asteroids with your turrets and collect the gems with your claws.

Tile Trek

Navigate your way through more and more difficult puzzles to map your way to the end! Touch the squares to slide them around until you have a complete path from beginning to end.

Bomb Hockey

Play against your friends in this mash up between air hockey and fruit ninja! Use your hand to shoot your sparkles across the wall to get the puck into your opponent’s goal, but watch out for the bombs!


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