Why Work with Arcade Arena?

We believe that having intent and making memories is everything. Humans are the sum of the memories that they have made, and the more intent we have to live a life that is full of memories the more full our overall lives will be. We created Arcade Arena to facilitate making memories and feel emotions in a fun and safe environment. We have 20+ years of experience creating immersive experiences, and now we invite you to join us.

What Makes Arcade Arena Different:

  • Hands off experience – no staff required
  • Custom games
  • New games take just seconds to upload
  • Casual games – participants can eat and drink while playing
  • As little as 15′ x 15′ square footage requirement

Technology Arcade Arena Uses:

  • LiDARs
  • Projection mapping
  • Body positioning cameras
  • Touch screens
  • Traditional arcade controls

If you are interested in franchising an Arcade Arena please fill out the contact form below or email info@arcadearena.co to get more information.

Space Requirements

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