THE Arcade Arena Experience

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All of these games are available for you to enjoy when you book at Arcade Arena! Take a look at a few of our favorites listed below!

The Heist

Your group of thieves decides to make it big by pulling off the ultimate heist. By breaking into the museum, you set off an alarm, and the police arrive within 40 minutes. You must navigate the floor without setting off the alarms, solving puzzles along the way. Does your crew have what it takes to make it big?

The Slime Factory

You enter your job just like any other day at the Slime Factory. You just did a shift change with the engineer before you when suddenly your dashboard goes haywire. The pipes start to bulge and leaks start to spring, you have to depressurize the system before the whole system blows and you're swallowed in slime!

Farm Frenzy

It's a Farm Frenzy when all your farm animals escape their enclosures and need to be caught! You and your friends pick an animal and collect as many as you possibly can in this 45 second frenzy!

52 Card Pick Up

52 card pick up is a fast paced physical game! Your group will split into teams of two and compete against each other to collect as many cards as possible in 60 seconds!

Button Frenzy

Gameplay is physical and fast-paced in Button Frenzy. You and your friends will compete to collect as many coins as possible by finding your color coin on the wall and touching it to collect it. Watch out for sabotage tactics :). This game is designed to accommodate up to eight players.

Lava Runner

A physical, low-key game for two players, Lava Runner is our take on the classic The Floor is Lava. Whether played head to head or as a team, this is an enjoyable game to get you moving. You play squirrels, moving between the always moving safe zones and trying to avoid the lava.

Monkey Genius

A collaborative puzzle game, Monkey Genius requires you to work together. Players control monkeys that solve puzzles, collect coins, and avoid bombs as they move around the room. Additional players use joysticks to assist or sabotage the monkeys at the console.

Goblin Hunter

Goblin Hunter is an arcade game featuring asymmetrical team competitions between the two different groups, Goblins and the Ghosts! By using their physical movements on the playing floor, Ghosts defend their position, while Goblins try to collect the coins by using arcade joysticks on the console.

Battle Arena Omega

A tank battle game with arcade gameplay, Battle Arena Omega. Players control their tanks with an arcade console, manage their systems, collect power-ups, and battle for dominance. Players can choose between three modes of play: Battle Royale, King of the Hill, and Hard Point.

The Great Pig Escape

Pigs VS Farmers. The pigs use joysticks to evade the farmers & escape the farm! The farmers using their body positioning on the play floor work together to capture as many pigs as possible in this fast paced competitive game.

Photo Booth

Our photo booth is exactly what it sounds like! You can take a picture of you and your group in the arena with customizable backdrops and filters for a fun-filled photoshoot!

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